Comprehensive Financial Planning

Grow Your Business

Comprehensive planning starts with carefully defining your goals, which will serve as the road map for making all subsequent decisions.  Once your goals are clear, we can work together on optimizing your cash flow to fund your goals, make sure you have appropriate insurances in place, address any estate & tax planning needs you may have, and much more.

Initial Plan & Goal Setting

We’ll meet 2 – 3 times as we get started to clearly define your goals, craft your initial financial plan, and outline a service calendar tailor-made to your needs for future check-ins.

Recurring Check-In Meetings

We’ll review your progress toward your goals at least every 6 months, or as life changes, and update your comprehensive plan annually.  In the interim, we will be available by phone or email for unlimited support.

Budget & Cash Flow Optimization

Give every dollar of your income a purpose before it hits your bank account, and put your cash flow on autopilot, making it easier to save for what’s most important to you.

Employee Benefits Optimization

We’ll make sure you’re getting the best value out of your available employee benefits, and review them annually during open enrollment. 

Investment Review

Regular review of your investment accounts to make sure you’re on track to meet your goals, including retirement.

Insurance & Estate Planning

We’ll review your existing insurance policies & estate plan to make sure you’re prepared, and recommend trusted professionals such as attorneys and insurance agents to fill any gaps.

Implementation & Monitoring

We will work with you to implement the recommendations outlined in the financial plan, as well as monitor the success of those recommendations over time, and make adjustments as necessary to meet your goals in an ever-changing world.  

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