Fee Schedule

To best help you implement your plan and achieve your goals, we offer integrated financial planning, portfolio management and tax preparation services tailored to your situation.

Financial Planning Packages

Wild Path

Building Wealth

Best for:

Young professionals 

This package includes:

1. Preparation of an initial, comprehensive financial plan


2. Two planning meetings per year (Spring and Year End)


3. Availability throughout the year by email/phone, with additional meetings as needed

Minimum fee:

$4,800 per year / $400 per month


​Additional fee for managing up to $250,000 investments:  $100 per month ($1,200 per year).

​Beyond $250,000, additional funds can be managed for a fee of 0.5%, paid quarterly.

Navigating in Woods

Executive Wealth

Best for:

Mid- to late career corporate executives with more complex situations requiring advanced planning strategies

This package includes:

1. Everything included in the Building Wealth planning package

2. Complex planning, including that related to equity compensation and/or cross-border situations


Minimum fee:

$7,200 per year / $600 per month, including planning for equity compensation or cross-border situations

$9,600 per year / $800 per month

for clients with equity compensation and cross-border situations

Forest Road

Retiree Wealth

Best for:

For retirees with investment portfolios over $1,000,000, we offer comprehensive financial planning, portfolio management, and annual tax preparation and consulting services for a single asset-based fee (paid quarterly), in lieu of charging for such services separately.

This package includes:

1. Everything included in the Building Wealth planning package

2. Portfolio Management​​

3. Tax Preparation Services

Minimum fee:

The fee for this package is 1.25% of assets under management up to $1 million and 0.5% thereafter, paid quarterly.

One Time Financial Plans

On a limited basis, for clients who want a clear roadmap and financial strategies for moving forward, and are comfortable implementing and monitoring our recommended strategies independently, we may accept engagements to prepare a one-time comprehensive financial plan.  The minimum fee for such engagements is $4,800, and the total proposed fee will be based on complexity.  

Hourly Planning Services

On a limited basis, we may accept hourly planning engagements at $400 per hour, with a minimum of 5 hours.

Tax Preparation Services

For additional information, please refer to the website of our sister company, Steuern & Taxes LLC.

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