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Services For New Clients
What to expect during your first year

New Client Onboarding 

Once you make the decision to become an ongoing planning client, we'll take you through these six steps to ensure a smooth transition and implementation of your financial plan; the estimated total timeline is 2-3 months.

Getting Started Meeting

In your first meeting as a new client, we’ll review the implementation recommendations, complete initial paperwork and ensure that you understand what to expect during our first year together.


Strategy Implementation

In this step, our goal is to set up your new accounts, transfer existing assets to TD Ameritrade, and initiate implementation of our investment and planning recommendations.


Progress & Implementation Meeting

Typically set for 30-days out, we’ll review progress towards implementation, discuss a 12-month action plan that helps us achieve your goals, and provide a guided tour of how to access and understand your accounts.


Ongoing Planning & Monitoring

After completion of the onboarding process, we transition into our semi-annual reviews and monitoring process to ensure that you stay on track to achieve your financial goals.

Are You Ready to Take the First Step?

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