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Services for Prospective Clients

Prospective Client Process

In order for you to best understand the services we offer, and for us both to determine if we're a good fit for working together on an ongoing basis, we offer a complimentary, three step process:

Introductory Consultation (15 min.)

The focus of our time together will be to get to know one another better, for me to understand more about your specific situation and what you want to accomplish, and for you to learn about our process and how we can help you.  During our call, I’ll be sure to answer your questions, and if, at the end of our call, we both feel ours is the best firm to help you, we’ll continue our process by scheduling your Discovery Meeting.


Discovery Meeting (75 min.)

Our process is designed to create a simple, easy-to-understand plan that will address your most pressing issues and any other items that we may uncover, as well as recommendations for addressing them during the first six months of our engagement.  To get started, the Discovery Meeting is a chance for us to dive deeper into your specific financial situation and goals.


Plan Presentation Meeting (45 min.)

After analyzing your financial situation and goals in detail, we'll prepare a roadmap for working together - a One Page Plan, including action steps for the first 3-6 months that will take you closer to your goals.  During the Plan Presentation meeting, we'll present our analysis and recommendations, as well as the proposed fees for us to work together.  


Your Decision

After the second meeting, if you're not yet ready to make a decision, we invite you to take whatever time you might need.  We understand that engaging with a financial planner is not a decision to be taken lightly - it requires a commitment of your own time and energy, as well - and so we want you to be fully confident about moving forward.  

Are You Ready to Take the First Step?

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