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Services for Ongoing Clients

Ongoing Clients

After completion of the initial plan, our semi-annual meetings will provide opportunities to both monitor your progress toward your goals, as well as initiate deeper planning conversations into particular areas.  We will serve as an accountability partner to help keep you on track, and address additional issues as they inevitably arise. 

Annual Spring Planning Meetings


Agendas will be based on a client's specific needs; typical topics include:

  • Review cash flow and discuss needs for any adjustments

  • Review insurance policies and/or employee benefits packages

  • Check in on progress toward your goals


Annual Year End Planning Meeting


  • Review your investment portfolio for opportunities to harvest gains or losses for tax efficiency

  • Prepare a detailed tax projection and discuss year end tax planning opportunities

  • Review progress toward funding retirement and education accounts

  • Discuss charitable giving intentions and tax-efficient strategies for fulfilling them


Equity Compensation Analysis

For clients who receive corporate equity compensation, including:

- Restricted Stock (RS) / Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)

- Non-Qualified Stock Options (NQSOs)

- Incentive Stock Options (ISOs)

- Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPPs)

We analyze the holdings within the context of your broader portfolio, provide guidelines and strategies for diversification, and advice on the tax implications for doing so.


Cross-Border Planning

When applicable, we'll include foreign income and assets in your financial plan, discuss the tax implications of both and opportunities for simplification, and provide guidance around cross-border moves.  


Quarterly Portfolio Review

Using portfolio management software, we review your accounts regularly to ensure that the risk remains in line with the high level allocation between equities and bonds designated in your Investment Policy Statement (IPS), reviewed current allocations among asset classes for proper diversification, that we've addressed upcoming cash flow needs, taken advantage of capital gain/loss harvesting opportunities, withdrawn your Required Minimum Distributions, enacted Roth conversion strategies, etc.  


Tax Preparation Services (if elected)

Partnering with our sister company, Steuern & Taxes LLC, we can provide streamlined tax preparation services.


Legacy & Insurance Review

Every 2-5 years, during our Spring Financial Planning Meeting, we'll review your legacy goals, your estate planning documents, anticipated beneficiary distributions, and analyze your insurance policies and assess additional needs for coverage.


Ongoing Planning & Monitoring

We remain available to address any new issues that arise, and monitor your financial situation for example in light of proposed tax legislation.

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