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Services & Fees

Financial planning starts with carefully defining your goals, which will serve as the road map for making all subsequent decisions.  Because not everyone is starting from the same place, we offer three service models:

  • comprehensive financial planning with ongoing annual services (implementation and monitoring),

  • a one-time comprehensive financial plan (without ongoing services), and

  • a "quick start" plan limited to 1-2 questions over 1-2 meetings. 

**Please note - fees increased as of 23 December 2019.

Comprehensive Financial Planning - Ongoing

Ongoing annual services, including implementation and monitoring: see fee schedule below

1st Meeting: Goal Setting & Prioritizing  

  • Discussion of questions/goals and data gathering - 1.5 hours

2nd Meeting: Analysis of Your Current Financial Situation  

  • Presentation and discussion of analysis - 1.5 hours

3rd Meeting: Developing a Plan to Achieve Your Goals 

  • Discussion of options and implementation strategies- 1.5 hours

  • Write-up including recommendations for next steps - 2-3 pages  

Ongoing Support 

  • Unlimited availability to address questions by phone and email

  • Support to implement recommendations

  • Coordination with outside professionals, as needed (CPA, attorney, etc.)

  • Ongoing monitoring of financial plan, including annual updates

  • Annual spring and fall meetings to address specific planning topics


Financial Plan

Comprehensive plan without ongoing services (implementation and monitoring): $2,400-4,000

1st Meeting  

  • Discussion of questions/goals and data gathering - 1.5 hours

2nd Meeting  

  • Presentation and discussion of analysis - 1.5 hours

  • Write-up including recommendations for next steps - 2-3 pages

Ongoing Support 

  • Availability to address questions by email - 3 months from conclusion of project

  • Support to implement recommendations - within 3 months

"Quick Start" Plan 

To address 1-2 questions over 1-2 meetings: $1,000-1,800

1st Meeting  

  • Discussion of initial analysis relating to 1st question - 1.5 hours

2nd Meeting  

  • Discussion of analysis relating to 2nd question - 1.5 hours

  • Write-up including recommendations for next steps - 1 page

Ongoing Support 

  • Availability to address questions by email - 1 month from conclusion of project 

  • Support to implement recommendations - within 1 month

Fees: Comprehensive, Ongoing Planning Services

Initial Planning Fee (for all new clients toward preparation of the initial plan) - $1,000-2,000



SCHEDULE 1 – for clients with ongoing planning engagements, including those with managed assets up to $500k

Annual planning fee:  $4,200-9,000, paid in monthly installments of $350-750 (starting month 1), and

Investment management (if applicable):  0.5% assets


SCHEDULE 2 – for ongoing clients with managed assets over $500k, we offer an optional tiered investment-only fee, inclusive of financial planning (i.e. in lieu of paying the ongoing monthly fee):

1st $500,000 assets – 1.25% 

$500,000 - $1M – 0.60%

$1M - $5M – 0.40%

Above $5M – negotiable

This fee schedule also applies to clients with managed assets who do not require ongoing financial planning services.  

Ongoing Fees

Hourly Services

Additional services are offered at $200/hour, with scope to be agreed upon in advance.


Tax Services

For assistance with tax preparation, click here for a referral to our sister company, Steuern & Taxes LLC.