Services & Fees

Why We Believe in Comprehensive Financial Planning


At Soaring Wealth LLC, we believe that all aspects of your finances need to work effectively together for you to reach your goals.


While tax planning serves as the backbone of all our advice, focusing through the tax lens alone is insufficient - it's critical to step back and make sure that all aspects of your financial life are fully aligned to support your goals.

Meeting 1

Where You are Now & Where You'd Like to Go:

  • Detailed review of assets, debt and cash flow

  • Discuss short, medium and long-term financial goals

Meeting 2

Develop Initial Plan:

  • Focus on "big rocks" - investments, taxes, and estate plan

  • Detailed portfolio analysis and recommendations

  • Analyze your situation and identify tax planning opportunities

  • Review estate planning documents and degree of implementation

  • For clients with equity compensation, prepare a detailed chart of grants, vesting timelines, cash flow and tax implications and develop strategy for handling them going forward

  • For clients with cross-border situations, prepare a detailed balance sheet of global assets, analyze tax implications, and develop a strategy for consolidation as appropriate to goals

  • In conclusion, develop a prioritized action plan to ensure that each of these areas are optimized and working in harmony to achieve each of the goals that you set.

  • This plan will serve as a foundation for making additional decisions as your circumstances change over time, and when trade-offs are required, we walk you through the different options and key implications so that you can make the best possible decisions for your family.

After completion of the plan, our semi-annual meetings will provide opportunities to both monitor your progress toward your goals, as well as initiate deeper planning conversations into particular areas.  We will serve as an accountability partner to help keep you on track, and address additional issues as they inevitably arise. 

Fall Meetings

Annual Planning Meetings in November/December:

  • Prepare detailed tax projection and discuss year end planning opportunities

  • Review progress toward funding retirement and education accounts (if applicable)

  • Discuss charitable giving intentions and tax-efficient statagies for fulfilling them

  • Review portfolio for opportunities to harvest gains or losses for tax efficiency

Spring Meetings

Annual Planning Meetings in May/June:

  • Agendas will be based on a client's specific needs; typical topics include:

  • Review cash flow and discuss needs for any adjustments

  • Review insurance policies and/or employee benefits packages

  • Check in on progress toward your goals

  • Portfolio review for rebalancing and cash flow needs:  at least quarterly

  • Tax preparation services:  February-April and September-October (extended returns)

  • Estate plan review:  every 2-5 years

  • Ad hoc questions:  ongoing availability by phone and email

To best help you implement your plan and achieve your goals, we offer integrated portfolio management and tax preparation services.

Ongoing Comprehensive Financial Planning Packages

Wild Path

Basic Planning

This package includes:

1. Preparation of an initial, comprehensive financial plan

2. Two planning meetings per year (spring and fall)

3. Tax preparation (if elected)

4. Portfolio management up to $250,000 (optional)

5. Additional funds can be managed for an asset-based fee of 0.5% (paid quarterly)

Best for clients:

Minimum fee:

$4,800 per year -

$400 paid monthly

Young professionals or retirees earning at least $200,000 per year and/or with at least $800,000 in investable assets

Navigating in Woods

Complex Planning

This package includes:

1. Everything included in the Basic Planning package

2. Additional check-in meeting in September (if requested)

3. Complex planning related to equity compensation, and/or ​

4. Complex planning related to cross-border situations

Best for clients:

Minimum fee:

$9,600 per year - 

$800 paid monthly

Mid- to late career corporate executives earning at least $400,000 per year, with at least $1.6M in investable assets, and/or more complex situations requiring advanced planning strategies

Forest Road

Custom Planning

This package includes:

1. Everything included in the Basic Planning package

2. Additional, customized services depending on client's situation and needs

Best for clients:

Minimum fee:

Custom fee based on services and complexity

With unique situations and/or additional needs

Asset-Based Pricing

For retirees, we may offer an asset-based fee (paid quarterly) in lieu of a combination monthly planning fee and quarterly asset-based fee.

This blended fee is 1.25% of assets under management up to $1M and 0.5% thereafter.

Tax Preparation Services

For additional information, please refer to the website of our sister company, Steuern & Taxes LLC.