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Financial & tax planning
for busy professionals.


Equity compensation?  check.

Cross-border situations?  check.

Both?  you've come to the right place.

Our Approach


We work with clients who need complex and tightly integrated

financial, tax and estate planning:

  • Founders and employees with equity compensation (ISOs, NQSOs, RSUs, etc.),

  • Investors with private equity investments, and

  • Clients with cross-border situations.

Making the right decisions about your equity compensation in the little time you have can be nearly impossible. And for those with cross-border situations, the complexity is exponential, so it's critical to have an experienced advisor on your team to help you navigate it.

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Why Work With Us?

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As your personal CFO, we specialize in advanced tax and financial planning for busy professionals. With limited time, you need a comprehensive view of your finances to make effective, goal-oriented decisions.


With a decade of experience at a global consulting firm, serving clients across the US and Europe, we understand the complexities of equity compensation and cross-border situations as few others do.


Our integrated approach, delivering a 360-degree perspective on your finances, combines financial planning, investment management, and tax preparation, providing you with long-term perspective and greater financial freedom.


Serving clients around the globe.

Don't live within a 40-mile radius of Bristol, Vermont?  No worries - we've worked with clients on a virtual basis since day 1.

Personalized advice
on your time table.

We simplify your decisions so you can save time, feel more confident, maximize your after-tax wealth, and live the life you love.


Our Services

Equity Compensation

Understand the nuances of your holdings and model scenarios to optimize exercise and sale decisions around cash flow needs, holding requirements, long-term goals, and tax minimization.

Cross-Border Planning

Create a global map outlining tax residency, assets, income and tax liabilities, and minimize worldwide tax liability through strategic use of exclusions, credits and treaties.  

Investment Management

Professional portfolio management centered on your long-term strategic goals and cash flow needs, emphasizing diversification, low costs, and tax efficiency.

Confidence - Perspective - Freedom


We leverage our unique perspective, based in two decades of experience and advanced technical training, to help clients navigate their finances with greater confidence so they can have the financial freedom to enjoy their lives. 

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Practical Experience

Before launching Soaring Wealth, I worked for a Big Four global consulting firm for a decade in San Francisco, Boston, and Zürich, Switzerland, serving both corporate global mobility programs around the world and private clients throughout the United States and Europe. 


Technical Expertise

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, with a Master's degree in Taxation and nearly two decades of experience as an IRS Enrolled Agent, I leverage my extensive training, experience, and ongoing education to guide my clients to making the best decisions for their families. 


Lived Perspective

Having lived in Germany and Switzerland for three years, I understand firsthand the intricacies of managing finances and taxes across multiple countries.  In addition, I passed the C1 level language examination, so I can communicate on a nearly fluent level. 

Simplify your equity compensation decisions, today.
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