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Advanced Tax Planning

We will use our two decades of experience and Master's degree in Taxation to provide you with the customized, tax sensitive guidance you deserve.

Advanced Tax Planning

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For most of our clients, taxes reduce income by between 30-50% – or more.  Therefore, planning for taxes – and, moreover, optimizing your finances for tax purposes – is a critical part of planning for success.  We have two decades of experience working with professionals, including those with equity compensation and cross border situations.  

Integrated Tax Planning

  • Given our background in income tax preparation, all our advice is filtered through the lens of tax efficiency.

  • All clients receive a tax projection as part of the Year End Financial Planning Meeting, as a way of guiding decisions to make them as tax-efficient as possible.

  • In addition, we frequently consider multiple facets of tax planning, which other financial advisors may not be equipped to understand:

    • Tax planning over multiple years to ensure lifetime optimization​

    • Trade offs between planning for income tax vs. gift and estate tax

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Advanced Tax Planning for Clients with Corporate Equity Compensation

  • Build out a tracking model, covering: vesting dates, options expiration dates, cost bases of previously exercised shares, etc.

  • Model alternate scenarios to optimize exercise and sale decisions around cash flow needs, long-term goals and tax minimization

Advanced Tax Planning for Clients with Cross-Border Situations

  • Analyzing and optimizing tax residency

  • Tracking assets in and income from multiple countries

  • Analyzing foreign tax liabilities and planning opportunities

  • Coordination with foreign tax professionals to mitigate any double taxation

  • Optimizing taxes on US side by strategic use of Foreign Earned Income and Housing Exclusions, Foreign Tax Credits, and/or Income Tax Treaties

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Advanced Planning for Trust, Gift and Estate Taxation

  • Comprehensive tax planning frequently requires consideration beyond the individual client.  Based on your individual circumstances, we may need to consider inter-generational gift or estate tax implications.

  • Alternately, we may recommend the use of a Trust, and can advise on the income and estate tax implications of different types of Trusts.

  • As part of this planning, we can also offer advanced guidance on the proper selection of assets to donate for charitable purposes, as well as the most tax-efficient vehicle that aligns with your goals and cash flow needs, such as a Donor Advised Fund, a Charitable Remainder or Lead Trust, or even a Private Foundation.  

Are You Ready to Learn More?

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Connection Meeting

During this introductory call, we'll discuss your situation in detail so we can understand your needs and explore how our services could help you achieve your goals.

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