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Soaring Wealth @ Hula

Malissa Marshall, CFP®, MS Tax, EA is a member of the co-working community at Hula.  


I'd be happy to meet for coffee 1:1, and will be holding office hours and presenting on advanced financial planning topics around equity compensation and cross-border situations - including key strategies for optimizing taxes in both areas.

Whom We Best Serve

  • Mid- to late career professionals who have more money than time, and need professional guidance to better manage their finances ​toward their unique goals and cash flow needs – while minimizing their taxes on multiple timelines (annual, lifetime & inter-generational).  

  • Professionals with complex, variable compensation structures – such as equity compensation and private equity investments – who need help managing the variable cash flows and taking full advantage of these opportunities as tax efficiently as possible.

  • US professionals who live abroad, or foreign nationals in the US, needing integrated financial and tax support sensitive to the needs of such cross-border situations.  Since starting this firm, I've worked with clients in or from: Australia, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Ecuador, France, Germany, Iceland, India, Ireland, Norway, Qatar, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK.

  • Clients who are looking for a single solution for fully integrated financial planning, investment management & tax preparation services, or a trusted advisor who can coordinate services among multiple such professionals to help keep your finances fully aligned toward your personal goals.  

What We Do

  • Stage 1:  Crafting Your Roadmap for Success

Over the course of two meetings, we dive deeply into your financials, cash flows and goals in order to tailor a personalized strategy addressing your investments, taxes and estate planning – as well as other key areas that we uncover – woven together into a simple plan to help you move forward toward your goals with confidence.

  • Stage 2:  Ongoing, Year Round Support

For clients who want ongoing support to implement and monitor the plans we've co-developed – and adjust them in real time as life happens, we provide structured meetings in the Spring and at Year End with agendas customized to keep you on track, with additional support between meetings on an as-needed basis.

What Sets Us Apart

  • A decade of experience at a multi-national consulting firm working with executives in global mobility programs –most having various forms of equity compensation (RS/RSUs, NQSOs, ISOs, ESPPs, SSARs, etc.) – as well as partners in private equity and law firms and other high net worth individuals.

  • Combining the expertise of a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with a Master's degree in Taxation, and nearly two decades of experience as an IRS Enrolled Agent providing individual income tax return preparation and consulting services.

  • Committed to working with a select group of up to 80 clients to ensure deep, ongoing, personalized service.

Image by Ross Parmly

Want to meet 1:1?

Next Office Hours:
Thurs, Feb. 29, 1-3pm @ Isthmus 311

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